15 Fact about Super Junior [ ENG VER]

3 Jun

These are some facts about SuJu:
1. Eunhyuk HanGeng least not near the same, for reasons unclear koreanya HanGeng language and ngomon too fast and when Eunhyuk question asked “what?”, HanGeng will be angry. HanGeng be angry? anyone who believes? HAHAHA
2. Leeteuk first kiss at a public phone box and it was raining at night. so sweet ~ ~
3. you know could be kanapa Kibum SuJu members? time in united Kibum came home from school again listened to songs with dance and one org from BC to see Kibum and Kibum finally had to audition and it worked.
4. Leeteuk ever accidentally fart gag in sukira and do not want to admit and finally caught the same GYAHAHAHA Kangin!
5. Kyuhyun’s first kiss impression is “wet lips” Wew == ‘
6. Leeteuk want to get married with an elf and promised to invite smua Leeteuk elves. HAH?
7. Sungmin want to go away and want to stay on the island uninhabited gag
8. Sungmin cepat2 want to get married and possessed many children
9. Sungmin had two times lost his wallet. The first gag in ketemuin wallet, purse TPI balikin by one second. bruntung tuh Sungmin who finding his wallet. kekekek ~
10. Kyuhyun good gag but rather eat cook
11. Kyuhyun to the third richest in the SuJu members after the first Siwon and Sungmin yes to $ 2. $
12. Kyuhyun had one good punch mat lift TPI ZZ
13. Kyuhyun had a high IQ is the most clever contemporaries ckck ~
14. Yesung never delirious sing a song * forgot what song *
15. Eunhyuk fans piled in paris GYAHAHA ~


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  1. Jase June 3, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    thanks a lot..!

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